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Kidney donation still during one´s life has no negative impact on health and the average life span of the donors is the same as of the people having two healthy kidneys. It results from a long-term study of 80 thousand donors. This study states that the kidney donation brings only very few health hazards.The surgery professor Dorry Segev from the Johns Hopkins University, USA, declared: “Kidney donation is safe“. A huge study confirmed what had been expected long ago: kidney donation will save the recepient´s life and it is not all harmful for the donor. “Surgery is sometimes complicated, but the kidney donation seems to be one of the most safe surgery intervention“, Mr. Segev states in an article which was published in the professional Journal of the American Medical Association.
Segev together with his colleagues checked 80.347 records of the kidney donors who donated their organ for blood purification during the years of 1994 to 2009. During these 15 years 25 cases of the donor deaths were recorded within the course of 9é days after the intervention. It means that approximately 3 cases of death were recorded per ten thousand donors. From Mr. Segev´s point of view this is a good number because if a physician must procure a kidney from a patient for any other reasons, the mortality is almost hundredfold higher and represents 260 deaths per 10 thousand interventions.
Number of transplantations in Slovakia is increasing every year. The chief coordinator for transplantation, Mr. Ľuboslav Beňa, stated for the Slovak press agency TASR, “It is so thanks to a certain enhancement within the donor program“. He explained that 18 donors fall on one million inhabitants in our country. However, the objective is to reach the level of Spain where the number is 35 donors per one million inhabitants. Last year 168 renal transplantations, 24 liver transplantations and 23 heart transplantations were carried out in Slovakia.