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Become a donor:
Civic Association (CA) – Dialysis Patient and Donor Association in its effort for support of the renal donation from the living donors offers its donors, who voluntarily decide to donate their kidney, to take out a life insurance Komplet together with a supplementary insurance thanks to which they will be provided with guarantee in case of complicated life situations, such as injuries, disability, critical illnesses or hospitalization, in co-operation with the ING insurance company at expenses of the CA. 

Supplementary insurance of critical illnesses  

An insured event takes place in case that the insured gets one of the illnesses or undergoes one of the operations defined in his/her insurance contract for the first time in the course of the term of insurance. The operation must be caused by the defined illness not by an injury.


Insured illnesses and operations:


  • acute myocardial infarction
  • cancer
  • acute stroke
  • transplantations of organs (heart, lungs, liver and bone marrow)
  • heart valve prosthesis
  • aortic disease operation
  • kidney failure
  • blindness
  • deafness
  • AIDS, HIV infection
  • coronary artery operation – bypass
  • pneumonopathy causing breath insufficiency
  • benign intracranial tumors
  • disseminated sclerosis

The insurance is covered in full by the CA. The amount insured in cases of the critical illnesses is up to 10.000 EUR as well as in case of fatal injury up to 10.000 EUR. The rate of insurance contribution and period, which the insurance will be entered into, certainly depends on the financial portfolio of the CA.


Words for the future donor

Have you ever thought that right you can help such person? Waiting for kidney of an anonymous deceased donor is not the only option. Transplantation of kidney from a living donor is an alternative solution.
An organ donation is a big and very serious act. Each operation brings also a certain risk. It is therefore necessary to take into consideration all positives and negatives. However, for the patient the transplantation is the only chance of living without tubes and dialysis, it is often the only chance of living itself. It is a gate to existence without being dependent on the machine ... Not anyone can take his own life in his own hands. However, you can take the life of your relative or close person in your hands. And the first thing you can do for such person is to start to take into consideration all possibilities how to help him.